Stuart Frye



Stuart spent 7 years at Udacity -- an online education platform preparing lifelong learners for better careers -- he worked on everything from product development to strategic partnerships, government, and economic opportunity work. Prior to that, he co-founded Eduvant, where we worked with K12 districts and CMOs on data analytics and tools. He also spent some time at Citizen Schools, an extended learning time apprenticeship program, as well as Monitor Group, a strategy consulting firm. He began his career opening schools across China with the Aston Educational Group.

Stuart is a Dad to Holt (5), Grady (3), and Nell (1) and husband to Annie, who is General Counsel at Strava. Stuart has dedicated his career to education, which he believes to be the single most powerful lever we have to improve the world around us and the trajectories of individuals and communities.

When he's not working or with his family, he loves to surf and trial run.