Project Lead


Project Management

The Snapshot

As project lead, you thrive when wearing many hats: project manager, producer, team cheerleader, and the client’s main point of contact. The teams you lead will be variable: some will focus on strategy, some design, and others development (and some a mix of all of those). Internally, you’ll manage the project from a people and product perspective. Externally, you’ll  work with our clients to ensure our team becomes an extension of their own.

Why We Care About Finding The Right Person

The lead is the center of the wheel that keeps a project driving. You are the face of a project to clients, serving as the point of contact through its duration and — just as important — the source of trust. Internally, you are the go-to for all things, flagging risks to the executive team, reporting on project status, and singing team praises like the great coach you are.

The Daily Grind

  • Keep the bird’s eye view: Lead projects of varying focus (usually research, strategy, design, and/or development), ensuring they are completed on time and on budget, and culminating with delighted customers and a happy project team

  • Set the tone: Clarify and communicate project objectives and success criteria to internal product teams, while providing motivation, direction, and overall management

  • Sit at the head of the table: Lead effective collaboration meetings for team members at all levels of the organization (internal and external) with tact and diplomacy

  • Be an expert multitasker: Conduct day-to-day stakeholder interactions and manage expectations for multiple projects of varying scales

  • Weigh in: Communicate effectively with stakeholders to identify needs, evaluate alternative business solutions, and ultimately offer recommendations

  • Raise that flag: Track and communicate project statuses, risks, and emergent issues to senior management and customers

Why You’ll Want To Work Here

We’re passionate about learning in all forms and for all ages, and we are committed to making it a rich, multifaceted process for students and the educators who do this work every day.

ProjectEd is a mission-driven consulting group, committed to helping educational and philanthropic organizations create exceptional services and products. Yet while we know that education is a very human endeavor, we also believe that well-designed and well-implemented technology can initiate a new era in learning. We have each dedicated our careers to this passion.

If this sounds right to you, let’s chat.

Relevant Experience and Mindset

The Basics

  • Bachelor’s degree

  • 3+ years’ experience managing design and software projects

The Fluff That’s Not Fluff At All

  • Embraces rapid change and quick pivots

  • Comfortable communicator

  • Not afraid of getting bad news (or giving it)

  • Willing and able to de-jargon tech speak

  • Solid budget manager

  • Can readily jump between team coach and cheerleader and equally willing to play quarterback or second string

  • Cares about education, learning, kids or teachers. Or people in general

This is a contract position.


If you have what it takes, please contact us.

ProjectEd is an Equal Opportunity Employer with a commitment to diversity & inclusion.