Meet the Team


Kate Finnefrock
Chief Executive Officer

Mohammad Riza
Chief Design Officer

Gillian Gutenberg
Chief Technology Officer

Bryana Atanasova
Tech Lead

Cheryl Barkin
Production Director

Junko Bridston
Senior Designer

Sandie Cheng
Social Media Manager

Christopher Compton
Principal Author

Sarah DeVore
Operations Coordinator

Michael Florea
DevOps Engineer

Jenny Herrera
Senior Director

Ameer Khalek
Senior Technical Project Lead

May Lee
Director of User Experience

Bart Mach
Web Developer

Stephanie Meler
Project Lead Intern

Sean Snyder
Full Stack Developer

Christy Stanford
Project Lead

Blyth Strachman
Senior Product Manager

Alison Tirrell
Senior Quality Assurance Engineer

Mylene Tu
Project Lead Intern

Karen Wang
Project Lead

Bambang (Chacha) Widodo
Art Director

Daniel Wilson
Senior Designer


We’re looking for people who like to do good work.

We welcome candidates from all disciplines and experience levels.

Educator Advisory Board

Leigh Hall

Nadia Williams

Joyce Gilbert

Steve Isaacs

Advisory Board

Farimah Schuerman

Judah Karkowsky

Leslie Kerner

Margaret “Macke” Raymond