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Karen Wang

Project Lead


Karen Wang has over 15 years of experience in the educational and youth space, working to support educators, children, and parents through a variety of lenses. At Amplify Education, she developed implementation practices for schools and districts using the company's supplemental reading programs and educational games, served as Educational Partnership Manager for institutions launching Amplify's science and language arts core curriculum, developed customer retention strategies, and oversaw field trials and other customer feedback initiatives. At Scholastic, she led content and feature development for the company's website for kids, created student-facing online activities for classroom use, managed the implementation of community platforms for kids and teens, and created materials in support of teacher professional development. Through this work, Karen has regularly interacted with district administrators, school-level staff, classroom teachers, and students—arming her with a familiarity with educational institutions (from schools to summer programs) and giving her hands-on experience in designing and executing programs to support the specific needs and challenges within these institutions.