(Re)Introducing #EdTechBridge, Every Second Wednesdays!

Wait a minute — didn’t summer just start?

In a blink of an eye, teachers are already gearing up for back-to-school season, just as we’re coming out of our summer daze. Because we are always championing the ever-busy and heroic educator, by learning their language and urging edtech leaders to always loopback for feedback, we’re rebooting #EdTechBridge!

#EdTechBridge (1).png

On the second Wednesday of each month at 8PM Eastern Time, join us on Twitter to connect with edtech entrepreneurs and teachers to discuss the latest trends in edtech. If you’re new to edtech, don’t be shy — we’d love for you to jump in on the conversations! We hope that this monthly conversation not only generates new ideas but also bridges the gap between the ever-growing field of technology, and teachers who can offer valuable insight and observations.

Let’s start chatting!

Introducing Whackronym!

Introducing Whackronym!

Once upon a time, as we were wrapping up a typical all-hands meeting, one of our team members, Jenny Herrera, presented a challenge to us: how well do we speak teacher? More specifically, how well do we know the acronyms educators use on a daily basis? We were armed with fly swatters and years of experience in the education field — what could possibly go wrong? As Jenny read off questions and asked us to match it with the correct acronym on the wall, we quickly begin to realize that teachers know a lot, and we could hardly keep up!