Introducing Whackronym!

Teachers Know A Lot - Can You Keep Up?

Once upon a time, as we were wrapping up a typical all-hands meeting, one of our team members, Jenny Herrera, presented a challenge to us: how well do we speak teacher? More specifically, how well do we know the acronyms educators use on a daily basis? We were armed with fly swatters and years of experience in the education field — what could possibly go wrong? As Jenny read off questions and asked us to match it with the correct acronym on the wall, we quickly begin to realize that teachers know a lot, and we could hardly keep up!

Our teammates were armed with fly swatters to hit the correct answer.

Our teammates were armed with fly swatters to hit the correct answer.

Thus, Whackcronym was born.

There’s no doubt that education technology is an extremely rewarding and exciting field. In order to make good products, we have to think about what actually goes on in the classroom rather than throwing together flashy and innovative ideas.  As edtech creators, we have to ask ourselves: how can we make the ever-busy educators’ lives better? We have to begin by speaking their language.

Whackronym is here to help introduce you to the maze of acronyms and important terminology used in American schools today and give you the tools to communicate with educators and their classroom needs.

Did you catch everything he said?

Give it a try:

Did you figure out the difference between ESL and ELL? Let us know! You can find us on Twitter @_projected!