About Us

ProjectEd is a mission-driven consulting group, committed to helping educational and philanthropic organizations create exceptional services and products.


We are passionate about learning in all forms and for all ages. We are committed to making learning a rich, multifaceted process for all students and to supporting the educators who do this work every day.

We believe that education is a very human endeavor, but we also believe that well-designed and well-implemented technology can initiate a new era in learning. We have each dedicated our careers to this passion.

To realize this passion, we partner with ambitious and like-minded clients.  We treat our clients’ missions as our own — rolling up our sleeves and adding our expertise exactly when and where it’s needed, to satisfy our mission by satisfying theirs.

A Team of Experts

Our team includes members from a huge breadth of industries and disciplines who have all gravitated toward the world of education.

Our CVs include work with NickelodeonSesame WorkshopThe College BoardCoca-ColaThe New York TimesScholasticPBSL’OrealPriceWaterhouseCoopersJohnson & Johnson and dozens of other globally-recognized companies and organizations.

Our team members have taughtcoached, and led schools. We’ve organized, designed and facilitated professional learning. We’ve been instructors at Educational AllianceFashion Institute of TechnologyPratt Institute, Rutgers UniversityUniversity of Florida, and Yeshiva University.

Our experience includes education product management, developing curriculum content and toolsdeveloping and launching of hundreds of ed tech productsdesign of compelling learning experiencesselling to school districts across the country, and the training of teachers and administrators.

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Our Story

ProjectEd is an independent firm that emerged out of Amplify Education, where our team members worked on projects from product ideation through launch and implementation. At Amplify we worked as designers, developers, curriculum coaches, professional development specialists, product managers and strategists on projects across all core curriculum, spanning PreK-12.

In 2015, Amplify dedicated a team of employees to support the XQ Institute and The Super School Project. Recognizing the potential uses for such a team, its members formed ProjectEd in 2016.

Our new organization is able to focus on managing complex projects and creating custom solutions in the education space, utilizing our proven expertise in researching and analyzing educational software, developing curriculum content and tools, and delivering educational products to school districts across the country. This expertise, as well as our deep artistic and professional resources, position us to be a comprehensive partner for any organization interested in moving education forward.


Meet the Team

Kate Finnefrock
Chief Executive Officer

Mohammad Riza
Chief Design Officer

Gillian Gutenberg
Senior Analyst

Alan Stadtmauer

Bryana Atanasova
Tech Lead

Cheryl Barkin
Production Director

Bambang (Chacha) Widodo
Art Director

Michael Florea
DevOps Engineer

Mike Newton
Web Developer

Jean Pierre Dillard
Design Director

Jenny Herrera
Senior Director

May Lee
Senior UX Designer

Sarah DeVore
Executive Assistant

Sean Snyder
Fullstack Developer

Danielle Primiceri
Creative Director

Christopher Compton
Principal Author

Takao Umehara
Art Director

Bart Mach
Web Developer

Sandie Cheng
Social Media Manager

Polina Soshkina
Director of User Experience

Eddie Peña
Senior Art Director

Junko Bridston
Senior Designer

Allie Bogus
Technical Project Manager


We’re looking for people who like to do good work.

We welcome candidates from all disciplines and experience levels.

Educator Advisory Board

Leigh Hall

Nadia Williams

Joyce Gilbert


Advisory Board

Farimah Schuerman

Judah Karkowsky

Leslie Kerner

Margaret “Macke” Raymond